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Once we receive your application, we will arrange a time for a phone call. This is to find out more about you and the kind of dog you’re interested in adopting or fostering. If the phone call has been successful, there will be a homecheck. Your details will be forwarded onto an external homechecking team who will contact you to arrange a visit. It is required that all members of the household are home for the homecheck. Once this visit has been done, we will inform you if your application has been successful.

If you are looking to adopt, we will then ask for the adoption fee of £340 once you have passed your homecheck.

If you are looking to foster, then please note that foster applications are for emergency backup, unless otherwise agreed. Once you have passed the application to foster, you will be added to a list of backup fosters for emergencies (i.e. when dogs are no longer able to stay in their current homes for whatever reason). Slip leads, as well as flea and worm treatment will be provided. Vet bills are covered provided you give us notice before visiting the vet (unless in an emergency) and that an itemised receipt (including the dog’s name) is emailed to us so that we can reimburse you. We ask that you ensure they have an ID tag with your details on it as required by the law, and that you provide the dog with food.

All dogs are fully vaccinated, microchipped, and de-flea and wormed before transport from Romania.

If the dog is older than 6 months, they will be neutered, otherwise you will be required to neuter them when they are old enough.

Dogs over 6 months old cannot be rehomed with children under 5 unless they are currently living in a home with young children.

Please note that dogs who are cat tested in Romania may still react towards cats in the UK. It does not guarantee that they are okay with every cat.

Transport is by road, usually leaving Romania on a Thursday and arriving on Saturday or Sunday. We always endeavour to home drop the dog where possible as this is the safest way for them to arrive safely.

Please don't panic you don’t hear back straight away! Everyone involved is a volunteer, so sometimes it takes a few days to find a homechecker local to you!

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Donate now to help us save more dogs! We need donations to help feed, vaccinate and neuter dogs that are still in Romania. We also need donations to help pay for transport and vet bills for our foster dogs in the UK.

Want to send a monthly donation? Just set up a recurring payment via bank transfer to Jade Ahangari 23-14-70 95979164

£5 a month helps pay for a slip lead to train dogs to trust humans

£10 a month helps pay for 1 month of flea and worm treatment for 1 dog

£15 a month helps feed 1 dog for 1 month

£25 a month helps spay/neuter 1 dog

£35 a month helps us pay for 1 dog’s foster care for 1 month

£50 a month helps us fully vaccinate 1 dog

Or donate a one-off amount now with the link below which will take you to our PayPal.

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